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Plenty of Fish Review

Plenty of Fish Review

Last Updated on February 8, 2021

Dating online is very efficient due to recent studies. Several pieces of research show that the percentage of happy marriages is higher than in conventional marriages. It’s easier to download an app or to register an account on a site than to go out and try to find your soulmate. It won’t take your time, but you will be looking for a person who will suit you, and that is better than wasting time.

But there is one problem – registering on a random site (as well as downloading a random app) won’t help in achieving a goal. That’s why we came up with Plenty of Fish review website. The project has a good reputation which makes him a top site, but Plenty of Fish reviews that are found on the Internet are mixed – you can find negative and positive comments. That’s why we decided to check how does Plenty of Fish work, and whether it’s good enough to start a profile.



So what is It’s a site for dating online which was launched long ago, in 2001. It is a pioneer within other dating websites, back then people were fans of conventional dating. It has a huge database of users – around ninety million people from all over the world. If the site has such a database, it means that it has valuable features. In other cases, people won’t be registering.

The owners of the site state that their project was the reason for people establishing one million relationships each year. You can find some older POF reviews on the Internet state that it’s true, the website is responsible for a good portion of marriages. But there also negative reviews, that indicates that there are scammers. In this article, you will gain a clearer view of this project.

Pros and Cons


Find Your Soulmate
Jenny 26 y.o.
 at KissRussianBeauty
Location Kharkiv
Occupation Model
Nataly 25 y.o.
 at DateEuropeanWoman
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Occupation Writer
Victoria 27 y.o.
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Occupation Consultant
Mary 24 y.o.
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Occupation Model
Alina 29 y.o.
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Location Kyiv
Occupation Blogger
Cristy 30 y.o.
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Occupation Cook
Valery 32 y.o.
 at HotUkrainians
Location Moscow
Occupation Doctor

This website is decent and several advantages prove that:

●  It’s free but safe.

●  Abusers get banned.

●  A lot of interesting features.

●  High quality of profiles.

●  It has an official app.

●  Active members.

●  Members are protected.

Cons of POF

There are several disadvantages as well:

●  There are scammers.

●  You can’t sign up with Facebook.

But is Plenty of Fish worth it? Let’s find out in this review on POF dating site.


There are an app and a desktop version. The latter looks too complicated and overloaded, it can be overwhelming for the first time. The app is a lot simpler than the desktop version, so you might want to download it since it’s free and has all the features available in the desktop version. The only disadvantage is that you can download it only if you use an Android device.

If you decide to use a desktop version, then upon completion of registration you can use some useful features. You need to find a button in the upper left corner, then click on it. You will see different categories that will help you in achieving your goal. If you click on a “Date ideas” section, you will be pleased to see different ideas where you can set up your first date. The places are categorized by cities, and you will be surprised by the number of those ideas.

After a while, you get used to the desktop version. It has plenty of useful features which we will review below in this POF dating site review.


Profile Quality

The owners state that the database is huge and consists of 90 million people and the number is growing each year. Analytics show that most users are 25-35 years old. There is a slight disproportion of people – more men than women, around 40% are ladies, 60% are gentlemen.

The good thing about this site is that people are very precise at what they want to achieve. If they are looking for marriage, they concretize what personality traits they value in a potential match, etc. There are forums on where members can communicate with each other. Forums are active, you won’t have to wait days for a response.

These forums are created by members, they are dedicated to topics like relationships, love, sex, etc. The discussions are quite active. This means that members are active as well. It’s great when the database is huge, but if users are inactive, it doesn’t make any sense. So, the truth about POF is that the site has active members. There are scammers (as it was stated in some comments from real users), but those users who are real are active.

If you evaluate a website y activeness of its users than this site definitely would have 9 out of ten. But other important factors need to be explored before registering.


You can sign up for free, you don’t need to send messages or enter your telephone number. All you need to do is to create a username, password, enter your email address, and add other similar data. After you do so, click “Continue”. This process won’t take much time, but then you will have to spend it on a quiz.


The quiz is similar to questionnaires of other apps and sites for online dating, but it is slightly different. It is more creative and detailed. For instance, you have to tell about your ambitions in life (i.e. you want to have a family with two kids, a dog, a house, a car, and a great career), what is your career, dreams, hobbies, etc. Then you have to tell about your expectations towards your future spouse. That way the matchmaking algorithm will match you with a person you can fall in love with.

You can synchronize your newly created account with Facebook or Instagram, but only to upload photos, not to sign up. It’s not clear why POF owners have decided not to include such a feature, it would make the process of signing up a lot faster. The registration is 100% free, as well as some other features, like search. You can also view profiles, including pictures of users, and their biographical data. But is POF worth paying for? Read below.

Communication Features: plenty of fish dating website reviews


It’s free to message other users and they will be able to read your messages. POF is unlike other dating websites where you have to buy a Silver or Golden membership so that your messages will be visible to other users. So, is Plenty of Fish any good? It is good, but you might need to filter users who can message you.

Voice Messaging

Another feature that you can find quite useful and appealing is voice messaging. You can record your question or remark and sent it via chat with another member. It’s a nice feature since you can hear the voice of your potential soulmate. Other websites don’t allow that, and people have to exchange contacts or to meet in real life, that way they can hear voices of their online girlfriends and boyfriends.

Virtual Date

POF is focused on implementing all measures that help people to fall in love with. This means that they don’t have to look for another way to communicate with each other. This platform is designed for member’s convenience, it’s like a virtual dating cafe or lounge room where people can have fun and meet each other.

But there is a weird peculiarity – you can’t copy and paste text as a message. So, you have to type the message on your own. This feature might be used to protect members from scammers who tend to use other languages. For instance, some of them use Google translate to translate the message for another user. But this also means that international communication is a bit too difficult.

Sending Photos

Another interesting feature is that only women can send images via the website. So the answer to the question “is Plenty of Fish safe” is “Yes”. Men were banned from using this feature due to the abuse for sending nudity. On the other hand, male users can pretend to be females so they can send such pictures. But usually, such users are fake, trolls, or other people who register for unknown reasons. They quickly get banned by the administration.

Communication within the website is spam-free. You can’t send links, it’s impossible here. But if someone manages to send it by deleting the Http part, then members can report such messages and administration will ban such a user.


In other people’s profiles, you can find information on whether the person is looking for a long-term relationship, or he is trying to find someone who is into casual dating. As it was mentioned above after registration you answer some questions about your hobbies, preferences, etc. This information will be visible, although you can make your profile invisible. This invisibility reminds you of a Facebook feature when you can choose your profile to be visible only for friends.

But is POF a good dating site? Users use it for casual and serious dating, is it possible to combine both of these concepts? It seems that it’s possible thanks to the information in profiles. First, the matching algorithm won’t connect you with a guy or a girl who is interested in casual dating while you are willing to settle down. Second, if you use a search tool, you can filter people who are looking for something different than you.

You can also view profiles manually if you have time. You are allowed to contact the person you like by messaging him or her for free. Just be careful and make sure that you are trying to communicate with an individual who is looking in the same direction. Just read the information in the profile and you will gain a deeper view of his or her personality.

Is POF a Good Dating Site?

What makes this site special is the fact that it includes information about people who are surrounding your potential soulmate. You can find out about parents, friends, relationships, etc. Usually, such information helps to break the ice because it’s easier to find topics to start conversations. Members can choose not to add such information, but it’s safer to contact users who prefer transparency.

Those people who give as much information as they can are more likely to be open for romantic relationships. If the profile is incomplete, it’s better not to contact such a person. First, this might be a scammer. Second, if it’s not a scammer, then the individual is not willing to start a relationship and doesn’t take this website seriously. Members that use abusive or sexual language are banned.

Users can upload no more than 8 pictures if they have free accounts, but VIP accounts allow to upload up to 16 photos. Plenty of Fish dating reviews express that anyone can use the site for free, you don’t need to pay since most of the important features are free to use.

Other Features

If you open a home page and click on the button in the left upper corner, you will find different sections. There are some useful features from which you can benefit. Date ideas will allow you to explore your options. If you and your potential date live in different cities, but you have decided to meet in New York, then you can click on the “New York” section and explore some ideas. For example, if you love cats, you can meet in Meow Parlour Cat Cafe. Below you will also find tips on how to create a profile that attracts attention on POF, what questions you should ask on a first date, etc.

Meet Me Feature

If you pick the “Meet me” section, you can browse through members who live near you and would love to meet someone immediately, without wasting time on other things. This feature is similar to Tinder swipe, except that you have to click “Yes” if you like the profile, or “No” if you don’t. If both members choose each other, the chat will be created where they can set up a date. Very useful.

Chemistry predictor is a kind of a test where you have to answer questions concerning sexual preferences, personality traits, needs, etc. This useful feature will help the site to send more accurate recommendations. You can choose not to complete all the tests, it’s up to you. Also, you can complete only several tests. You don’t need to type your answers, just choose from available options.

UltraMatch Feature

UltraMatch option will highlight those members who are compatible with you. This option will work better if you complete all the tests. Yes, it’s easy and quick to create the profile, but you will have to spend a lot of time to complete all the tests, answer all the questions, etc. But it is worth your time. This UltraMatch will compare your answers with the answers of your potential matches. Then the system will choose the most compatible options.

NearBy Feature

NearBy is mainly used by app users. The app uses geolocation information and it evaluates members due to their location. It means that it ranks users, the nearer they are to a user, the better is their rank. Useful if you don’t want to waste your time and want to use POF only to find a potential match and meet him right away without chatting via the website.

POF free search is used if you don’t have to wait for daily matches or if you prefer to filter users manually. This feature has different filters, you can indicate age, education, location, etc. of your potential soulmate.

Bottom Line review shows that the site is not a scam, it’s legit. You can say that when you check the copyright information at the very bottom of the homepage – the site that was created in 2001 and is still working is decent. The desktop version and the app has the same features and they help in finding a date.

You can use the features for either casual dating, or to find serious relationships. You might get to know the person you feel attracted to via site, or you can find a local match and quickly set up a date. This project is decent and worthy of your time. The profiles are very detailed, the features help you to find a decent date within a short period. So don’t hesitate and try this site out.

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