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Livebeam Review 

Last Updated on January 10, 2022

According to the creators of Livebeam, a home is a place where you can recover physically and psychologically after a long day. Everyone at home always has something to do and knows how to unwind. This generally consists of watching television or watching a television show, cleaning the flat, and cooking. But, with time, any pastime becomes monotonous, therefore we present you with a fresh option.

Short LiveBeam Review

  • Overall Rating – 8.3
  • Signup Process: 9.0
  • Making Contact: 7.5
  • Profile Quality: 8.0
  • Ease of Use: 9.0
  • Safety: 8.0

What is Livebeam is your new lesson for the evening. This is a new social network for people from all around the world. Live Beam is a good community of broadcasters and watchers that appreciate free expression and are eager to support one another. This community brings individuals from all over the world together to discuss a wide range of subjects of interest. If you still don’t grasp why it’s so unique, stay tight and read this review to discover more about Livebeam.

Is LiveBeam Any Good – Review of Platform’s Pros and Cons


  • According to reviews, registration is absolutely free. You can join for free
  • For beginners, Live Beam created an introductory guide to use the chat platform
  • As many reviews state, the communication platform has many ways to interact with other users of the site
  • You can use various LiveBeam free search filters to find other participants


  • According to reviews, extra features are only available after purchasing credits
  • As reviews state, the communication platform does not have the LiveBeam mobile app
  • There is no FAQ section on the LifeBeam communication website
  • Constant use of functions exceeds the price of a monthly subscription

LiveBeam main page

Reputation And History

According to most LiveBeam dating site reviews, the Live Beam communication platform has advantages and disadvantages, just like any other. Let’s take a deeper look at what this site has going for it and what it doesn’t have going for it. Who knows, perhaps its flaws aren’t too severe or major for you, and Live Beam will be an excellent choice when it comes to choosing a dating site. Let’s see what pros and cons are common in LiveBeam reviews.

Website and App Interface

Find Your Soulmate
Cristy 30 y.o.
 at FindEuropeanBeauty
Location Kyiv
Occupation Cook
Victoria 27 y.o.
 at MeetGorgeousRussian
Location Dnepr
Occupation Consultant
Jenny 26 y.o.
 at KissRussianBeauty
Location Kharkiv
Occupation Model
Alina 29 y.o.
 at FindEuropeanBeauty
Location Kyiv
Occupation Blogger
Nataly 25 y.o.
 at DateEuropeanWoman
Location Moscow
Occupation Writer
Mary 24 y.o.
 at KissRussianBeauty
Location Odessa
Occupation Model
Valery 32 y.o.
 at HotUkrainians
Location Moscow
Occupation Doctor

According to reviews, the platform’s interface is very intuitive, so you will easily find all the needed features. It also offers a mobile app, so you could communicate with the beautiful singles from any place, and you are not bound to your personal computer only.

Registration Process

According to popular LiveBeam dating reviews, there is nothing easier than registering on LiveBeam. First and foremost, a significant advantage is that registration is both free and quick. When you click on the link to the site, you will be sent to the main page. There will be a button in the top right corner that allows us to log in to an existing account or create a new one. When you click “Register,” you’ll be taken to a registration form. It is really simple and will take you less than a minute to complete. Keep reading our review to learn more!

On the registration form, you must provide:

  • Your gender
  • Your name
  • Date of birth

Then, after clicking the button, you will be sent to another form where you must enter your email address and password. You will next be required to authenticate your account. Simply open the email from Livebeam and click the confirm button. Keep reading our review to learn more about the platform.

LiveBeam create account

How Does LiveBeam Work?

According to most reviews, after enrolling to the platform, you must provide information about yourself, just as you would on any other communication site. After all, Livebeam offers a strong partner selection algorithm that assists you in finding a new connection based on your responses to a unique questionnaire. To do so, you must include personal information about yourself. But don’t worry, it won’t be too long. This form can be completed at any time, not only at the beginning. However, keep in mind that these basic methods will assist you in finding the ideal spouse. Keep reading our review for more interesting information.

The first section of the exam involves basic information about you, as most of the positive reviews as well as negative reviews state. You must state your occupation, marital status, interests, education, and what you are seeking on the platform, among other things. Then you should provide a brief description of yourself. You will also be asked to describe your girlfriend and fantasy boyfriend or the person you wish to see next to you. It is also critical to fill up your profile with images and select the greatest one as the primary one. According to user reviews, this is necessary so that other users recognize you are not a phony but a real person.

Profile Quality

You may wonder, Is LiveBeam legit, and is LiveBeam real? This review would provide a straight answer. The platform’s developers want this platform to be a secure environment where all users respect one another. As a result, there are a few ground rules that users must observe when utilizing the site.

  • You must be at least 18 years old or have attained the legal age of majority in your state.
  • A Livebeam profile can only be created for personal use.
  • It is against the law to transmit your credentials to another person.
  • According to reviews, on the platform, only one user may establish a profile. Multiple profiles cannot be created.
  • It is highly prohibited to promote unlawful goods and services (such as drugs, fraud, illegal sex, etc.).
  • It is prohibited to use aggressive, offensive, obscene, discriminatory, unlawful, incite violence, or humiliate someone because of their gender, race, religion, sexual orientation, age, handicap, or appearance in communication. This also holds true for interactions with our customer service representatives.

As most reviews state, technicians at the platform monitor compliance with these standards and will terminate accounts that violate them promptly. All of this is done to ensure that you do not have any doubts about if LiveBeam is real?

LiveBeam features

Partner Search Features

According to most reviews, there are two ways to discover a partner on the Livebeam platform:

  • A basic search is fairly unsophisticated. It allows you to sort the results based on the candidates’ ages. Most reviews rate this method very positively.
  • There is also an advanced search option which is also favored by users according to the reviews. There are already more filters. For example, factors such as age, gender, kid present, nation, education, occupation, religion, marital status, user’s ID, and so on. With both search parameters, you can optionally pick the mode to display just users who are currently online or Streaming users.

We believe that these criteria are sufficient for determining the primary characteristics of your potential spouse. They will assist you in drastically narrowing the large number of people who have enrolled on this platform, and you will receive preliminary information about them right away. This will instill a great deal of trust in your future communications.

LiveBeam Alternatives

There’s a variety of LiveBeam alternatives on the Internet, and in this review, we’ll tell you about them. PlaceToChat and Funchatt are two of the most popular platforms, according to the reviews. If you think that LiveBeam site lacks certain features, feel free to create accounts on other platforms and give them a try to find the perfect online dating website for your needs.

Membership Price and Payment Method

Many people are wondering: is LiveBeam free? In this review on the LiveBeam dating site, we are going to tell you the truth about LiveBeam. LiveBeam, like any other dating site, only provides the most basic services for free. Specifically, such as: registering, creating a profile, searching, sending winks, like other members, watching live streams, sending photos in emails. This is not insignificant, but it is often insufficient for pleasant platform usage. However, this is a significant benefit of the site because it allows users to at least test the site.

Is LiveBeam worth paying for? We said yes. A premium version is required, in our opinion. The utilization of paid loans for certain services is referred to as the paid variant. The first 20 credits are free, which is a nice added benefit. Check the chart prepared by LiveBeam dating site review to see how many credits you’ll need to pay for various services.

Option Number of Credits
Live chat 2 credits per minute
Sending stickers 5 credits
Watching live videos 4 credits per minute
Sending first mails 10 credits
Sending the following mails 30 credits
Opening the second and the following mails 10 credits
Sending photos in a chat 10 credits
Opening videos in mails or chats 50 credits
Opening photos 10 credits

What precisely is the credit system? Everything is extremely straightforward. After clicking on a certain function, the amount of credits for the service is charged. When compared to a local subscription, which is available on other sites, one significant advantage is that the loans do not have an expiration date. Their cost is really minimal, at only $2.99 for 20 loans. It is inexpensive when compared to other sites. For only $2.99, you may put this prototype to the test and establish your own conclusion. The site accepts a variety of payment options, including PayPal, debit, or credit card.

LiveBeam benefits

Safety & Security

Is LiveBeam safe, and is LiveBeam a scam?? Employees at the website work hard to ensure that the platform is as safe as possible. It entails both automatic and human profile verification. Members who are reported as suspicious by users will be removed by the editor. Should I have any doubts about the safety of the platform? Many sites’ experiences and ratings have demonstrated that no site can totally eliminate phony accounts. You will, however, be secure if you follow these easy precautions.

To do this, they advise people not to provide contact, personal, or financial information on their profiles or in intimate conversations with strangers. You should not reveal information such as social media links, phone numbers, addresses, credit card information, and so on.

Help & Support

If you have any queries or run into any issues while using the website, you can always contact customer service. Send a message to the platform’s email address. The email address is in the footer at the bottom of the page. You must submit a message in order to request help. Because LiveBeam values each client, their professionals will work with you to resolve your problems as soon as possible. You should receive a reply within 24 hours.

Unfortunately, the site lacks a FAQ area when compared to many other dating and communication platforms. As a result, you won’t be able to locate solutions to frequent questions. In any event, you’ll need to contact the support team to receive a response to your query. But don’t worry, you’ll hear back very soon.

LiveBeam live streaming

Frequently Asked Questions

Is LiveBeam Worth It?

You can find out if is right for you by reading this LiveBeam review of the website. This is something we can state with certainty. After all, Live Beam fulfills a wide range of people’s needs at a relatively low cost. Everyone will be able to locate what they’re seeking here. But, of course, the decision is entirely up to you. You may always give it a shot because it’s free as well.

Is the Livebeam Website A Real Dating Site?

Is LiveBeam a good dating site? It all depends on why you’re looking for a dating site in the first place. If you are not planning to use it for sexual correspondence with women or to perform any criminal behaviors, then this site is ideal for you. Live Beam is the greatest website for guys who want to communicate with ladies from Asian, Slavic, and Latin nations.

Is LiveBeam Website Safe?

Whether you are responsible for your behavior and do not disclose your personal information to third parties, this site is absolutely safe. If you want to learn more about Live Beam security, go to the Privacy Policy page and read the Terms & Conditions. A key point to note is that you can see the content of these pages even if you are not a registered user on the site.

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