AshleyMadison Review: Everything You Need to Know Before Signing Up

Last Updated on June 6, 2023

AshleyMadsion dating site reviews are very different as each person has different online dating experience. This service has become a place where it is not very complicated to find a nice person while you are already married or in relationships. cares about privacy an allows it to remain anonymous. The website design is simple but very nice. You will not get annoying advertisements and tons of unneeded information. As it is not cluttered, you will intuitively find everything you need. In cases of additional questions and urgent issues, the customer support department is available during day and night. To receive an answer, you do not have to wait a lot of time. Alternatively, the possibility to call to customer support department is available.

AshleyMadison main page


  • Simple to use website design;
  • Convenient mobile application;
  • Easy to find a large number of people in a specific city.


  • The mobile application requires additional payment;
  • The prices are a bit higher than average;
  • Service does not have a 24/7 live support chat.

What Is

Many AshleyMadison dating reviews provide a general idea, as this is an ordinary dating place. However, it is a bit different. This website has become a place where people in relationships are able to find someone for a one-time affair or discreet dating. Members are not obliged to indicate names and surnames of they do not want to. Thus, most users prefer to use usernames to hide their identities.

On another side, it does not mean that singles are not welcomed here. AshleyMadison is glad to accept everyone who seeks love and relationships. Therefore, a large number of members are interested in a romantic dating with a promising future.

AshleyMadison Review At A Glance

  • Popular for: a large number of people you can find different cities and countries;
  • Recommended age: internet users of legal age and higher are eligible to use the service;
  • Favorite features: Discover provides profiles of members according to personal preferences and distance between you.

How Does AshleyMadison Work?

While being not a typical online dating service, the way AshleyMadison operates is very common. In the very beginning, you should join the service. Only after a few minutes, you are a newcomer. What you will do next is up to. You may browse and review the profiles of other members. In case you want to check other users and to be spotted by them, adding some information to profile is what you should do. However, one of the most important parts is to start a conversation. Every person on the dating website is interested in some relationships. Thus, you should not worry about making the first step.

Search Tool

With the Discovery feature, members of the services may simply browse other users in their area. However, for more accurate results, it is better to use AshleyMadison free search tool. It has a large number of different filters, which are available to users with free memberships too. In such a case, chances to find a person according to personal preferences and tastes are much higher.

Registration Procedure

To become a member of AshleyMadison, you need just a couple of minutes. After entering all the information and submitting it, you do not have to complete the email verification. It allows us to directly review the website and its members. In order to appear higher in searches of other users, it is recommended to upload some photos and provide information in your profile.

Profiles Quality

Is AshleyMadison a good dating site? It is something that is often can be decided according to the quality of profiles on the dating website. When members actually interested in online dating with a person, they will make profiles to look attractive with many photos and personal information. At AshleyMadison, a large number of members have complete and extensive profile pages.

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Safety & Security

Is AshleyMadison safe? It is quite a widespread question about all dating services. This matching platform cares about the safety and protection of its members. The website design has received a certification of excellence from Ryerson University. It means that navigation and the overall website design are properly developed to enhance protection measures. While creating an account, you may use two-factor protection. Thus, you may worry less about someone stealing your account. Moreover, SSL encryption protocol hides the information you provide to the AshleyMadison dating site. In addition, proper behavior and communication on the website are important. AshleyMadison protects the feelings of its members, and it forbids improper speaking. Insulting feelings by discrimination and other matters is not tolerated. Thus, you should not be afraid to report to the customer support department.

Help & Support

Proper support while trying to start dating with someone online is what may help to find answers on the question is AshleyMadison worth paying for. In case you would like to receive some assistance or answers on some questions, you have two main options at this matching platform.

FAQ Help Center

While being a newcomer at dating service, many users want to learn more about how it works. FAQs are easy to use without wasting time. At, they are divided according to specific topics. With a simple and convenient design, it is not complicated to find what you need. Such information does not only help to get used to the platform, but also have valuable instructions.

Phone Call

You never know that may happen at the dating website. In such cases, for urgent issues, it is important to be able to get in touch with the customer support department as fast as possible. A direct call allows us to be connected with a service representative who is able to provide all needed information and assistance. Even if it is a sensitive situation, it is better to call the customer support department. Its agents are friendly, and they will keep your issue and personal information in secret.

AshleyMadison Success Stories

Success Story #1 Image
Jesse and Olivia AshleyMadison logo
Jesse and Olivia's remarkable success story began on AshleyMadison, a unique dating site that catered to individuals seeking connections outside their existing relationships. Despite the unconventional circumstances, their initial online encounter sparked a genuine connection rooted in honesty and understanding. As they shared their deepest desires and vulnerabilities, a profound bond grew between them. Over time, Jesse and Olivia found solace, excitement, and fulfillment in each other's presence. With open hearts and clear communication, they navigated the complexities of their situation, ultimately discovering a love that surpassed societal norms. Jesse and Olivia's story stands as a testament to the power of unexpected connections and the transformative nature of genuine human connection.
Success Story #2 Image
Colton and Amelia AshleyMadison logo
Colton and Amelia's extraordinary success story unfolded on AshleyMadison, a dating site that provided a platform for individuals seeking connections beyond traditional boundaries. Their initial interaction sparked a deep connection, as they discovered shared values, desires, and a longing for emotional intimacy. Despite the circumstances, Colton and Amelia embarked on a journey of trust, honesty, and understanding. With open communication and respect for their respective commitments, they built a unique and meaningful bond that transcended societal expectations. Colton and Amelia's story serves as a reminder that love can be found in unexpected places, and that genuine connections can thrive even in unconventional circumstances.


The truth about AshleyMadison is that you will need to invest some money in order to use all of its features. This matching platform is interested in providing high-quality service to everyone. Thus, the number of members directly influence the chances of users to find someone. That is why women are able to use this matching platform free of charge with some limitations while men need to upgrade their membership.

100 credits
500 credits
1,000 credits

AshleyMadison has various options to consider within a credit system. It means that you do not need to buy subscriptions for a certain period of time. Credits allow us to use service features whenever you want.

  • Basic – $63.00 and you receive 100 credits and a possibility to initiate conversations;
  • Classic – $189.00 to get 500 credits and to start 55 conversations;
  • Elite – $309.00 provides you with 1,000 credits, 30 days of highlighting your account in searches, and the ability to start up to 111 new conversations.

In addition, you can get a mobile application with a one-time payment of $19.99. It allows us to get the app from the Play Market and App Store. It greatly improves online dating as it has all the features of the web version. Moreover, you do not need to sit in front of a computer to find someone online.

The taxes are already included in the prices. Speaking about payment methods, AshleyMadison does not have a lot of them, but they are very common. Users may pay with their credit cards by sending money directly or use PayPal.

AshleyMadison app

FAQ Section

Is Safe?

AhsleyMadison is a legally registered service, which offers services in the online dating industry. It is owned by Ruby Incorporation in the United States of America and Canada. In addition, it has another office in Cyprus, which belongs to Praecellens Limited. This website has two-factor verification to protect their account information. Moreover, PCI compliance with proper data encryption provides stronger protection.

Is A Real Dating Site?

If you have checked many AshleyMadison reviews, then you know that it is an actual dating website. Is AshleyMadison any good? That is what users should define for themselves. On this matching platform, you are able to find a large number of members. They are from different countries and cities, which allows us to encounter wonderful people in different countries around the world.

How Many Members Does Have?

AshleyMadison is a popular international dating website. It means that every day a large number of people join it, while some may quit it for various reasons. Therefore, it is very difficult to get the exact number of registered members. In general, AshleyMadison has a great number of them. It is necessary to mention that in large cities, you are able to find more users than in smaller towns.

Is Worth It?

Is AshleyMadison worth it? It is a quite spread question on the internet. It is something that differs from person to person. If to judge on the features and possibilities to find someone, then this website is suitable to use. Many AshleyMadison reviews help to find an answer to this question. By learning more information about the service, you can decide whether to try it or not.

How To Use

In almost every AshleyMadison dating site review, you can learn that it is a very common place for online dating. In the beginning, you need to join the service by accomplishing the registration procedure. Then you can decide whether to use a web version or to get a mobile application. Then, comes the searching stage. To be spotted by others, it is recommended to fill in a profile or to look around by yourself.

Is Free?

While doing a personal review of, you will figure out that it is not completely free. To join the website, you do not need to invest money. In order to communicate and with other members, you have to either get credit or buy a subscription plan. However, women are able to use the AshleyMadison service free of charge. It greatly increases the number of women you may find on the website.

Can I Use Anonymously?

From the very beginning, it is up to you whether to use AshelyMadison anonymous or not. During the registration process, newcomers just indicate a username. It is not obligatory to add personal information to the profile. Moreover, users may hide blur their profile photos. Other members will be able to see them only after getting approval. Photos from the profile gallery can also be hidden from other people.

How Can I Delete My Profile?

If you wish to stop using AshleyMadison, you may deactivate the profile for some period of time or completely remove it. The first option hides your page, which makes it impossible for other members to review it. You will be able to restore it with the help of the customer support representative. To delete the profile, you need to go to the Settings page. At the bottom of the and select the Delete Account option.