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Premarital sexual relationships are characterized by numerous moral and ethical
concerns. It is the same moral issues presented by this case of a college couple who have been
living together for three years but the relationship is interrupted by an unwanted pregnancy. We also
see the man walking away from his seven-month pregnant girlfriend (Ruggiero, 96). The case
presents a number of moral issues, typically in premarital relationships such as premarital sex,
abortion, and parents’ responsibility towards the unwanted child.

The choices in the premarital relationship often affect the couple and also the infant incases of unwanted pregnancy. Hence, the
key players in the scenario are the man, woman, and the unborn child.
On the account of universalizability moral duties, the scenario presents the duties in two

First, are the duties one has to themselves as moral beings. Ethically, a human being is
expected to respect themselves. In other words, an individual is obligated not to engage in
actions that will harm themselves. For the scenario, the woman decides not to abort the
pregnancy because she opposes it and probably understand the consequences of abortion. Second,
are the duties one has to other human beings. Morally, an individual is supposed to ensure their
actions do not harm the welfare of others. The woman understands that the unborn child is a
human being and has a right to live. The man acts contrary to his moral duties. Walking away
means, the child and the woman might suffer in his absence.
Respect for a person’s autonomy is fully exercised in the scenario presented. First, the
couple had an agreement if one wanted to move out of the relationship they were free to do so
(Ruggiero, 96). Hence, they respected each other’s choice and decisions. Secondly, the man does
respect the woman’s choice to keep the pregnancy. The man walks away without obstructing his
girlfriend’s decision to have the baby.

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